Iskra Mustard Eroid Eromak Baugatz Electel Electrica Hydra - Capacitors in Zaječar

Published date: November 23, 2022
12.00 $

Details of listing: Iskra Mustard Eroid Eromak Baugatz Electel Electrica Hydra

Central Serbia
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Philips Mullard Mustard 15nF 400V 0.015uF 15000pF Measured 15.8nF Philips Mullard Mustard 56nF 400V 0.056uF 56000pF D6W Holland Measured 57nF more 3 Philips Mullard Mustard 3n3 400V 0.0033uF 3300pF Measured about 3707pF last 13P used Philips Mustard 100nF 125V C1 Measured 98.8nF ESR 1.8 Vloss 0.1 or unmeasurable, another 5 300din/pc Philips Mullard Mustard 47nF 400V 0.047uF 43P 2pc / A8W 1pc Measured 47.8nF, 3 more Philips Mullard Mustard 6n8 400V 0.0068uF 6800pF Measured about 6702pF last D4W Philips Mullard Mustard 22nF 400V 0.022uF 22000pF Measured about 22.16nF last D3W Philips Mullard Mustard 4n7 400V 0.0047uF 4700pF Measured about 5282pF, 2 more - D7W / C4W Measured around 19.87nF Vloss 0.1 or unmeasurable last marked 21 Philips Mullard Mustard 15nF 400V 15000pF Measured 15.8nF, 5 more - 33P 3pcs / D4W / 21 Philips Mullard Mustard 1n5 400V Measured about 1494pF/32P 1512pF/D4W, 2 more Philips Mullard Mustard 5n6 400V 0.0056uF 5600pF Measured about 5668pF , 2 more - D4W Philips Mullard Mustard 27nF 400V Measured about 29nF, 5 more - B8W D4W / 43P 2pcs / D3W Iskra NOS 340 dinars/pc Spark KFMU 100nF 400V Measured 100, 8nF ESR 2, 2 , 4 more Spark KFMU 100nF 125V Measured 101.3nF ESR 2.3 Ohm Price for 1 5 more Iskra KPTU 33nF 630V Measured 41.2nF and 46.9nF Price for 1, 2 more Spark KFMU 22nF 250V Measured 23.3nF Price for 1, 2 more Spark KFMU 1nF 630V Measured 1084pF Price for 1, 5 more Spark KFMU 470nF 250V Measured 467nF ESR 0.46 Ohm Vloss 0.1% Price for 1, 8 more Spark KFMU 47nF 400V Measured 49.5nF more 1 Spark KPTU 22nF 1000V Measured 29nF Price for last, there are both new and used ones, the pictures are original Eroid 22nF 630V / 1200 RSD/ pc 100nF 1000V / 1000 RSD/ pc 220nF 250VAC / 1100 RSD/pc 3n3 1000V / RSD 680/ pc 470pF 1000V / RSD 680/ pc 15nF 1000V last RSD 1100/ pc 100pF 1000V / 680 RSD last 220pF 1000V / 680 RSD/pc plus 2 250pF 1000V / 680 RSD last 330pF 1000V / 680 RSD last 1nF 1000V / 680 RSD last 1n5 1000V / 680 RSD last 2n2 1000V / RSD 760/ pc 15nF 250V / 820 RSD/ pc 68nF 250V / 820 RSD/ pc 1nF 1500VDC 1000 RSD/pc Eromak 10nF 63V 1% RSD 820/pc 140nF 63VDC 1% FKF used RSD 500/ pc 330nF 63VDC 1% FKF used RSD 640/ pc 220nF 63VDC FKF RSD 700/pc 1nF 160V RSD 500/ pc 33nF 63V RSD 720 last 330nF 63V RSD 920/pc, 3 more 10nF63V 5% FKE RSD 500/pc 10nF 63V 2% RSD 640/pc 100nF 63V 5% RSD 680/pc 680nF 63V RSD 740/ pc 47nF 63V 2% RSD 920/pc 68nF 160V RSD 860/pc MKC1863 68nF 200V 820 RSD/ pc 470nF 63V 2% FKF RSD 760/pc Baugatz 1nF 1500V RSD 680/ pc. 2 more 1n5 1500V RSD 680/pc 4 more 6n8 1500V RSD 740/ pc. 3 more 8n2 1500V RSD 880/pc 4 more 33nF 1500V RSD 1260/ pc. more3 3n9 1500V RSD 680/ pc. 5 more 47nF 1500V RSD 1260/ pc. 3 more 100nF 1000V last 860 RSD 4n7 1500V RSD 680/ pc. 3 more 5n6 1500V RSD 680/pc 4 more 15nF 1500V 1000 RSD/pc 4 more 2n2 1500V RSD 680/pc 5 more 2n7 1500V RSD 680/ pc. 3 more 56nF 1500V 1000 RSD/pc 4 more 39nF 1500V 1000 RSD/pc 5 more 82nF 1500V 1000 RSD/pc more4 68nF 1500V RSD 1100/pc 5 more 22nF 1500V RSD 1280/pc more5 150nF 1500V RSD 920/pc 8 more 330nF 1000V 1000 RSD/pc more8 470nF 1000V RSD 1280 last 560nF 1000V RSD 1400/pc more4 680nF 1000V RSD 1450/ pc. 2 more Electel MKPI 2n2 1500V RSD 560/pc MKPI 6n2 1500V RSD 560/pc MKPI 470nF 400V RSD 640/ pc Electrica used 25nF 250V last 4n7 500V last 1nF 500V RSD 450/ pc. 2 more 10nF 1000V last 450 RSD 100nF 250V last 500 RSD 22nF 125V 2 more, RSD 720 / pc 10nF 500V 4 more, RSD 540/ pc Hydra 22nF 1000V, 2 more used, 1800 RSD. com 6n8 1000V 2 more, RSD 1140/pc Neocon used 50nF 250V 3 more, RSD 620/pc 5nF 250V 3 more, RSD 420/pc 25nF 250V 2 more, RSD 620/pc 25nF 500V last, 620 RSD 10nF 250V 4 more, RSD 460/pc 100nF 500V last, 620 RSD 2n5 250V last, 420 RSD 2n2 250V 4 more, RSD 420/pc Even-numbered capacitors are sold exclusively in pairs All prices are for one capacitor

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